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Coordinated Development
Talent Concept

We offer career development for talented emloyees with virtued, learning, embracing, challenging and inovating qualities keeping our enterprise in a leading way.  

We believe that people are the most dynamic, energetic and important resource for an enterprise, which is also the core competitiveness at the current moment. The most significant of human resources development and management is to enable modern enterprises to adapt to the changes in the current corporate environment, and allow talents to serve the enterprises better to participate in market competition.

Employee Benefits
Employees guarantee
We match the social security and housing funds for employees.
We also provide accommodation, meals, and shuttle buses for employees
Value increment
We have over 1,000 square meters of employees activity center, including gymnasium and basketball court, badminton court, table tennis room, billiard room, yoga area, etc.
Incentive benefits
We have benefits like Equity incentives, paid advanced studies, etc.
We adopt two promoting channels: "management" and "professional"
Evaluation method
We have awards including the 5th &10th Anniversary Contribution Award, Excellent employee award
Outstanding newcomer star, gold product manager title, outstanding sales elite title, etc.
Training and development
Lushan advocates continuous learning and unity of knowledge and action by building training systems & platforms for employees.
Team building activities
Our company regularly organizes cohesive team building activities
Focus on team building, have a team with cohesiveness.
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Talent Education

Talents are the most important advantage in company development. Focusing on the training and development of talents is one of the most important business philosophy of Lushan.

Lushan advocates employees to continuous learning, integrating the knowledge and action, by building a completed training system and platform for employees to help employees grow together with company.

Training course
As a leading company in the industry, innovation is the driving force for Lushan's sustainable development. In order to enable employees to keep abreast of new trends, accept new ideas, and master practical new tools, Lushan provides training resources and works closely with well-known companies in the training industry.
E-learning network platform
The company cooperated with professional training institutions by launching the Lushan e-learning network online learning system, which concluded the full coverage more than 800 courses in 20 categories such as personal development, finance, marketing, production and operation, etc. This platform allows employees to process the real-time learning in unlimited locations.
Lushan Lecture
Every year, we invite experts and scholars from different industries and fields to share knowledges, experiences, to collide with our enterprise culture and create wisdom. Here, the Lushan employees can broaden teir horizon, experience the spiritual and cultural baptism, and enjoy a feast of thought.
Management Associate Program
Lushan pays attention to talent development by evaluating high-potential employees, and establishes a Management Associate Program with systematic training, job rotation, mentor guidance and others.
MTP Development Plan
The MTP development plan aims to help the middle-level teams to develop strategic decision-making skills, the ability to discover markets and grasp opportunities, and the ability to operate projects as well as team management. The main modes include enrollment in MBA training classes for managers, system training and role playing.
EDP Development Plan
The EDP development plan is an important part of the company's strategic planning by improving the overall leadership of senior management team through systematic training including EMBA studies, high-level seminars, and financial and investment seminars.
Corporate gym
Corporate gym
Corporate gym
Corporate gym