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New Materials
New Life
Quality Control
Good quality assurance system is an important factor to ensure the healthy development of enterprises. Lushan Xincai attaches great importance to the control of product quality and has established a perfect quality control system
Integrated intelligent production system and analysis and testing center, to provide customers with stable high quality products, spare no effort.
Intelligent production
Lushan new materials independently developed advanced graft reaction technology, combined with central feeding + advanced metering + underwater granulation + automatic packaging + automatic palletizing and other integrated intelligent production systems, effectively reduce human error, achieve accurate production control, and ensure stable product quality.
Lushan new material has passed the quality management system certification of ISO 9001-2015, iso14001:2015 and iso4001:2018, and its products have passed the certification of TUV, UL, SGS, VDE and other third-party organizations, meeting the requirements of EU ROHS, reach and other products.